Mystogan Suspense/Thriller

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Justine's family was broken apart by a tragic murder that left him orphaned at an early age. He spent his life trying to capture the man who stole his childhood and killed his parents. His childhood friends supported his quest for vengeance and helped Justine achieve it.

Seeking revenge for their deaths, Justine finds himself face to face with the murderer of his family-he realizes that to gain justice,

he must be willing to kill.

But through the course of his investigation, he will discover something he never wanted to know.


Tags: murderrevengedarksecond chancedramatragedymysterysecretscrimesacrificeStary Writing Camp
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Chapter 9

My phone rang in my pocket, making me jump. I hurriedly grabbed it and hoped for the call to be from someone calling for Nathan or whoever had kidnapped him. Instead, my best friend’s name flashed up on the screen. I took a deep breath and answered the call. 

“Justine,” he said into the phone, his voice tight wit……


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