Keeping Secrets

Autumn Summers Teen fiction

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A couple of months ago when Florence agreed to a secret no-strings-attached relationship with Eric, she thought it would be easy to stop herself from getting hurt. Unfortunately, as the whirlwind of their relationship deepens, she begins to catch feelings for the popular bad boy who wants to just keep things casual, afraid of his reputation being tainted from being involved with a wallflower like Florence. Follow this pair through the ups and downs of their secret fling of confusion, drama, love and heartbreak.


Tags: ForbiddenOpposites AttractPlayboyBadboyGoodgirlDramaSweetBxG
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Chapter Twenty-Five
T w e n t y - F i v e:

E r i c:

I saw her standing there; her eyes were in the shape of big circles. She rustled her messy hair with one hand, holding a cup in the other. She didn't know what to do; I could tell by the way she was fidgeting and looking around.

I spent some time deciding whether to go over to her tha……