A Witch As A Mate


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Everything went wrong. Being the most powerful elemental witch was supposed to be better than Lyla thought. tead she hides in a magical disguise, hiding from a darkness that follows her. Not only that, but now there's her handsome protector she feels she needs to stay at arms length.

Nicolas couldn't believe his luck at finding his mate. Becoming her protector was just the perfect way to get closer to her, that is if she will let him. He didn't realize how stubborn she could be, but he knows she will be worth all he could ever dream of. After all, she was his mate, and the most powerful elemental witch to be born.


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Chapter 35

With a smile on his face, he leaned down and kissed her on her lips and held her tight to him. He deepened the kiss having missed her so greatly, but moved back from her to place his head on hers. “I love you Lylah. I’m so glad you are safe and back home.” Lylah held a blush on her face and then she looked over his shoulder. He really hadn’t bee……