his angel

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he'll catch her before she falls.

(inspired by psyche and eros)

Not a moment later did a thump resonate through my room; and instead of light, a foreign presence filled the room.

Someone was in my room.

And I was going to die tonight. But I never got to meet Shawn Mendes yet!

In the dark, I groped around my bed for my phone. The creepy stranger seemed to sense this.

"I wouldn't recommend doing that," a husky voice rumbled through the room, raising goosebumps onto my bare arms.

"Who are you? How the fuck did you get into my house?" I stalled, managing to keep my voice even.

"Think of me as your guardian angel."

That's all I heard before my phone was pried from my grip and I was left with a guy in my room, with unknown intentions.



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I woke up suddenly in my bed, like I'd never left. I looked over my surroundings, taking in the familiarity of my room.

And soon reality came crashing down like an unwanted storm. Eros was dead- I would never see him again.

I'd never get to have another conversation with him. I'd never get to touch him or feel his touch- ……