Peach Potters High


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Boys, high school, competitions, queen bees, you just name it.

All the creations, a final year high school, huge sense of humor seventeen year old, Demica Henshaw experiences, when she steps foot into a boarding school like never before.

Peach Potters High.

They say the school is one of a kind, where opportunities are laid down below your feet once you're able to graduate.

But who said graduating peach Potters high was going to be easy? When you have all those jocks, whom Demica henshaw peeps into their locker room, or the freedom of her parents she never knew she wanted up until certain distractions seeps into her life.

But, peach potters high isn't just a high school for fancy wears and handsome boys. As the motto stands: If you want to make it, you have to work for it.

The question now is, will Demica Henshaw be able to make it, whilst paying attention to these distractions?

Or will she succumb to the attraction of a certain type of boarding school?

Keep on reading to find out just what would happen when a combination of hormonal teenagers, and drama filled high school would produce.


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I strap in the last pin of my heels as I sigh, before going to the mirror to check how I look.

The blue long mermaid dress hugging my body to the very fitting, as the white gloves on my hand compliment with the shade of blue I'm wearing.

My hair packed in a bun, as my make up is done with an outlet of a neud but glamorous look.