Twice Loved by the War God

Mana Sol Fantasy

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SEQUEL to The Beloved of the God of War.

* * * * *
Zeus is gone, for now.

But the destruction left in his wake has far-reaching consequences that Astra never saw coming. With no clear leadership and no one to fear, the world goes to war, and she must step up to save humanity from itself.

But then the demigods rise. For thousands of years, they waited for their chance to govern mankind. With Astra's Ascension, they believe they now have a chance - whether she agrees with their methods or not. Not only that, but as sworn enemies of the old gods, they come to wage war agat those precious to her - especially Ares, the infamous war god who used to stand as a symbol of their oppression.

But there are other, deeper workings in motion beneath all this, too. Something terrifying, something unstoppable.

Calamity is coming.

The war has begun.


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