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I was going to die on the stairs. Before I could actually feel the other steps of the stairs, I felt hands wrapped themselves around my waist. My eyes were closed. Why do we close our eyes when there were some dangers? That was stupid. As if with closed eyes, we weren't going to feel any pain.

"f**k. Are you okay?" I opened my eyes quickly when I heard this deep sexy voice. My eyes widened at the sexy piece of human standing in front of me. No human had the right to be that sexy.

"God?" I asked. When he rose one of his perfect eyebrows in confusion, I realized how stupid I sounded. His perfect face was everything. His well trimmed beard made him look so handsome. His green eyes was hypnotizing. As his body was pressed against mine, I could feel how muscular he was. He helped up stand up and roughly let go of me. His eyes trailed to the floor. I followed his eyes to see a cigarette on the floor. "I'm sorry?" I more like questioned. Was I supposed to apologize for the wasted cigarette which was going to ruin his health?

"Thank you" I said when I decided to look at him again. He was already staring at me. He was wearing a black suit. His hair was perfectly fixed. I wonder how would he look if his hair was messy and he was wearing a Jean. Noticing that he was not going to say anything else, I stared at the stairs. "I'm going to go" I simply said and walked down the stairs carefully. When I was on the grass, I gently lifted my dress so that it wouldn't be ruined and walked bare feet on the grass. I turned my head slightly to look at the man, who seemed to be observing me. He was still on the stairs, his eyes on me. He was model worthy. He did seem to the snobby type of man. I quickly turned around to face the woods. That man could take the breath away just by his looks.

Billionaire Romantic-Suspense


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Chapter 10: Awkward

"He nearly kissed you?" Julien asked with wide eyes while Ella sat on my bed, gaping at me. I nodded to Julien's question while scrolling through my pictures on my phone. I was looking for nothing in particular. I was just nervous and over thinking about this whole situation.

"I always knew that he liked you" Ella finally said c……


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