The Mundane Extraordinaire


Barneyeols Fantasy

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Kana, an 18 year old woman from the country side, met an accident while she was riding on her bicycle from school. She woke up after three months in a coma, discovering something is different with her. Her brown eyes are now blue, which the doctors cannot explain. Which is odd because she can assure that it's still her memories and body.

Until one day, crazy people wanted her dead... She tried running from these superhuman nightmares, and ended up in a hidden titute that is located in heart of the mounta where her folks tells stories of horror.

What happened to the old Kana? And what is with her eyes that is causing her chaos everywhere she goes?


Tags: murderreincarnation/transmigrationopposites attractdramatragedysweetbxg
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        "Kana! Let's go, it is getting dark!" Sasha screamed at her. She's about 400 meters away, riding on her bicycle. 

    Kana looks up to the sky. The sky is gray due to bad weather, indicating that in any minute it will turn to pitch black so they must hurry. ……