Bittersweet Kisses

Carly Davis Romance

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Brody Michaels aka “Gunner” has always done what’s right. He watched his brother marry the most beautiful woman. Stole Gunner’s spotlight every chance he got. Gunner watched his brother’s new bride walk down the aisle and say, “I do” to a man she didn’t even know. Years he stood by and watched him break this gorgeous woman down and degrade her. Gunner wants to step in and show her what a real man is. The problem is, Gunner looks exactly like Colin Michaels, his twin brother. After a tragedy strikes, Sierra is left alone with only one person to pick up the pieces. Gunner wants to step in and sweep her off her feet, but there’s one problem. He looks exactly like Colin, the very monster Sierra fears. Can she look past the fact Gunner looks exactly like her tormentor and let him in?


Tags: BillionaireLove-trianglePossessiveDominantSubmissiveBadboyGentlePowerfulDramaBxG
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Chapter 4


Sierra parted her lips as I cupped her face and pressed my lips against hers. I wanted her. I had always wanted her. Ever since I saw her for the first time. I hated that my brother got to her first. She was beautiful. Now that my brother was gone, I could have her.

"Gunner," Sierra whispered, "Take me."