Some Other Day (Finale)

miss sojisub Romance

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“My stupidity always lead me to this path...being far far away from Hui-Jun. Learning to let him go and love Gyeong-Su is the only way I pass my days. But no one know how hard it is... ” (Baek Ji-A)

“She left me....again...and I let her go...again... Tell me how to live without you? Tell me how to forget you. Because I’ve tried..and I feel like I’m dying. I try to love someone else now, how about you?” (Park Hui-Jun)

“She choose me!! Even by a pitty, but she choose me. But why I always feel anxious to see her in the eyes. Her eyes looking for someone, and that’s not me..” (Cha Gyeong-Su)


Tags: love-trianglesecond chancegoodgirldoctorK-popdramasweet
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