Wanted Queen

Kelly Victoria Fantasy

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"You like the son of a bitch don't you?"

"Why would it matter?" He grabbed a hold of my neck.

"You're my bitch!" I gulped, he crushed his lips into mine. He held me tight like I'm going to run away.

He was very possessive over me; he pushed me onto the bed.

"Now you're going to learn to love your master." He began kissing me.

He bit my bottom lip asking for an entrance. I denied it he growled and wrapped his large hand around my small neck. "Open your fuckin mouth!"


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Chapter 55

Mark caressed my cheek. "I told you I would be watching you from a far. That son of bitch was telling me I couldn't take care of you. It looks like no one can do it properly. Look what he has done with you." He said.
I held his hand not wanting to let go of it.
"How are my daughters?" I asked.
"They miss you." He replied.
"I mis……