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Cas Lacsamana was about to settle down when his happiest day turned into a tragedy. Despite having a shattered soul, he tried to maintain his sanity by taking over his dad's company. Over the years, ITrends became one of the Philippines ' best players in retail brands of clothing, accessories, fooear, and fragrances. His heart was also moving on.

Until he encountered this mysterious woman named Lilith.

Cas was tantly hooked by her personality just in one glance. Why? Because Lilith was one of a kind being - she contained a captivating beauty and a body to die for, not to mention she was a carbon copy of Cara, Cas Lacsamana's late girlfriend!

Now, as Cas got seriously attracted and involved to her, he found himself digging into her past due to the gut feeling of him having a connection with it. His interest in her, however, would just bring him to unforeseen danger.

Hello! Post ko muna po ang tatlong chapters. After 'The Bully Queen', saka po aandar ang story na to. Thank You!


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