Wild and Blood Thirsty

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“Go lean on Drake’s desk, both palms flat on top of the desk, spread your legs and arch your back, feet flat on the floor, and look at Eli,” Owen whispered to Abby.

Abby was shaking in anticipation as she did as Owen asked her to, she could hear Owen and Drake kissing behind her as she locked eyes with Eli. His lip tilted as he bit his lower lip, smirking at her his eyes dark with lust.

Abby jumped at the feel of Owen gently caressing the flesh of her ass, she had to fight back the moan at his soft touch. He pulled his hand away and she heard him undoing the leather belt from his slacks. The sharp crack agat the curve of her bottom made her gasp and jump.

As he rained blow after blow across her smooth flesh she could feel her juices trailing down her thighs, she couldn’t help the moan that slipped past her lips, she was in a haze of lust as she stared at Eli not really seeing him.

Owen leaned over her sitting his belt on the desk as he trailed his hands across Abby’s reddened skin, he bit his lip as she shuddered agat him. His fingers trailing to her soaked slit, he spread the wetness around teasing her, feeling her open up for him. He smiled agat her shoulder, she was ready for him.


After moving to the city, Abby heads into a job interview that will change her life. She meets some very sexy dominant men, will she fall for her boss the charming handsome CEO? Or the mysterious stranger? Her gamer-roommate? Or the handsome singer?

Drake Coll did not want a mate, he never had, he liked what he had and didn't want anything to change his arrangement. He had always been happy with his arrangement with his best friend, business partner and sometimes lover Owen. They would share lovers, it kept things simple and uncomplicated. Owen was great at the 'feelings' part and he could take what he wanted from the relationship, the sex. When he meets Abby things change and he realizes that maybe having a mate isn't such a bad thing.

Owen Walker knew the second he saw her that he wanted her, he didn't just want Abby to be something that he and Drake got bored with and threw away when they were done with her. He wanted to mark her, claim her, keep her with him, not just him but with them. He knew that she was made for them, in all his time walking the earth he had never met anyone that smelled the way she did and that smell had him hooked from day one. He knew in an tant that there was nothing he wouldn't do to have her, body and blood.


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