Me ( Sequel to Her)

Nyasia C Fantasy

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Having time powers can be interesting, if you make a mistake all you need to do is go back and fix it. Sometimes that can cause more problems.

Problems that can only be solved if our favorite lovers, Nia, Gannon, Auden, Roger and Cody, can stick together.


Tags: PolyamoryFamilyTime-travelKickass HeroineDramaSweetGirlpowerContestBxGBxBBi
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Nia’s Pov:

I failed. I failed my lovers. I failed Vixen. I failed myself. Now I’ll die without enough fight lift in me to do anything about it. Banging, crumbling, it was loud, so loud that I couldn’t ignore it. It was more of the vibrations I felt then the actual sound. The light that came into the room was something I couldn’t ignore eit……