The Girl in The Golden Wheelchair

Sylvia Adely Suspense/Thriller

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#sad #lost
My name is Archie Johns, a tall blonde boy from Liberty High School. Some of my classmates think I am the hottest guy in class but she did not think so. She saw me differently.
She told me to tell her story to the world and this exactly what am going to do and please read her story when you see this.
Elena Avalor wherever you are please forgive me and talk to me. I have kept your royal golden wheelchair in my room just waiting to hear from you and to know what you want me to do next.

I am ready…
If you are looking for a story that is a cliché then this is not for you.
If you are looking for a sad story then read with me and let’s cry together.
If you are looking for a suspense story then this is it.


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Chapter 52

"It's in the times when we are confronted with death that we are reminded of how truly precious life is.This is never more present than when life is taken away from a person we know dearly. It is not always evident in the moment as the ways of our world and it causes us to question. For it is through this tropic world of ours that everyone must ……