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Lilly Cole never thought that she would end up going to grad school at a magical university. When her Yale interview turns deadly, she is swept off to Brakebills University for Magical Pedagogy, where she learns the art of real magic, the value of true friendship, and how to not get killed. Things take a turn from Harry Potter to Scream when a mysterious beast shows up at the school with a special interest in killing her and her friends. Will Lilly make it out alive or will The Beast succeed in defeating them?

(Book 1 of 3)
~Cover by me~

Disclaimer: I do not own the TV show The Magicians nor the plot associated with it. I only own the characters I created and their story lines.


Tags: ActionAdventureParanormalOpposites AttractFriends to LoversGoodgirlKickass HeroinePowerfulWitchDramaBxG
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Twenty Eight | Mystery Gang

"Ava?" Lilly called out as she pushed open the front door of the townhouse in a panic.

"In here!" They heard in response. Lilly and Alex rushed ahead, Evelyn close behind. Lilly gasped as she rounded the corner, catching sight of an unconscious Penny sprawled out on the living room f……