Dance with The Devil

Lovina S. Romance

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A Mafia love story.

"I don't like to call it revenge,
Returning the favor sounds nicer."

"I respect those who tell me the truth, no matter how hard it is."

What if the hero of your story is actually The Villain!
Crystal wakes up from coma after 9 months with no memories of the past. To her surprise, she has been married to Valentine Romero for 2 years. But, what if the marriage he portrayed as a fairy tale is the biggest curse of her life? The words she believed were actually lies?

Dark secrets are about to be revealed and this time will Valentine be able to cage her as he wanted and make her dance with his demons?

Read Dance with the Devil. A Dark Mysterious Romance.


Tags: BillionaireDarkPossessiveContract MarriageArrogantKickass HeroinePowerfulMafiaDarkDreame2019BxG
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Sweat dripped from my burning skin as I ran around the mansion panting heavily.

“Did you get her?” Harman yelled from the terrace catching my attention and I shook my head. My mind was in a constant race. How the fuck she ran away in such a delicate condition? I licked my lips in anticipation and clu……