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I never fall in love, and suddenly 2 handsome guys ask me to be their girlfriend, and I have to choose one of them. Andrew is the most popular handsome guy in school. Ernest is a charming billionaire's son coming into my life.

"Michelle, this original love song I made for you," said Andrew while playing guitar and singing beautifully.

"Michelle, look at me. I can make your dream come true. This animation studio is yours," said Ernest with a flower bouquet and kneel before me.

I hate being in the center of attention. My passion is creating animation, and I hope my dream comes true.

Gosh! I love them both!

There will be five possible ways to answer their love. Please help me to choose the best ending for me.

Hey, Readers! The choice is yours.

Michelle Isabelle (16 years old)


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“Ernest, I really love you. But..." I said, looking at Ernest.

Ernest moved toward me.


“But… my love for you… like my love for Ruben… Maybe all this time I thought of you as a brother. I'll be there for you when needed, but I can't be your girlfriend because...” I said, looking at Ernest.


Ernest stoppe……