Royal Temptation


Lechna Baram Romance

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“Did you dare to embarrass me?” Orion asked me as a humourless chuckle escaped his lips. My hands were on my sides as I held my dress and started playing with the satin fabric to calm my nerves. I was conflicted on how I was going to react to his words.

“You call it embarrassment, I call it opinion” I responded calmly. The muscle on his jaw ticked. In a blink of an eye, he was standing in front of me. If he didn’t have such a repulsive character, I would have most probably fallen for his looks. The next thing that happened, broke my trail of thoughts. I was pushed against the wall with such a violence that a gasp escaped my lips. His hand held my jaw, pushing my face upwards so that I was forced to stare at him. His breath was fanning all over my face. No one touches me without my permission.
“Orion” His name came out of my mouth with such a hatred that I didn’t even recognise my own voice.

“It’s King Orion” He sneered. How did I even marry him? I pushed myself off the wall, glared at him. It was still a disbelief for me that he dared touching me. He dared. I fixed my dress, rose my head, fixed my crown again.

“Orion” I said, challenging him to touch me again.

“Don’t disrespect me, Amara” he threatened, his voice very low and intimidating. Every instinct that I had, was screaming for me to stop provoking him. But my father’s education, screamed at me to defend myself.

“I will only respect you when I feel like you deserve to be respected, Orion” I scoffed. I started making my way to the door, then before walking out of the room, I turned around to look at him. He looked startled. “And it’s Queen Amara for you” I added before walking out.

Game on, King Orion.

I will change you.



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Chapter 21: Such A Tease

The first thing that I realized when I woke up this morning, was that Orion was sleeping next to me. One of his hand were just above my head. Last night when I came to bed, he was in deep sleep. I had dinner with King Leo, Sarah and Callum. 

Orion was snoring softly. I could see a few scars on his chest. I wanted to run my ……


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