24 hours with the devil!!!


Precious Kaycee Chijioke Realistic Urban

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A thrilling romance about a beautiful high school girl who finally got the attention of her long time crush. It takes just 24 hours for her to find a sense of fulfilment until it happened! Going further, the story also envisages a young lawyer who lives in a racist society and is willing to use his position as a lawyer to help people in the society and contribute to change!


Tags: systemdecisivebraveno-coupleheavyseriouswittyrealistic earthcrimelawyer
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Trojan horses looked like. After a short wait, they were summoned in. The sky was grey, nature was on their side. As they exchanged pleasantries, the Governor seemed rather calm and unsuspecting, beautiful. They told him about the tip they’d received about an assassination. His deputy was rather fidgety, but Jei managed his signature smile, one ……


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