Mystic High School

Zilke Anita Whyte Romance

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"Princess Coralie, The King summons you to his Throne. It's urgent." Says Triton My Father's head Guard.

I roll my eyes and follow them back to Atlantis. On our way to Atlantis I become very curious as to why my Father has summoned me.

"Triton? Do you know by any chance why my Father wants to see me?" I ask him. The other guard just stays quiet listening to my question with one ear.
" I don't know, Your Highness. " Says Triton.

"Triton, we spoke about this before, Call me Coralie that's my name." I truct him with a smile.

"Yes, Your high....Coralie. " Says Triton in a sturdy voice.

He's so proper and uses very little words. I must admit Triton is such a hottie. He's not much older than me so I occasionally allow my thoughts to run wild about him. I'm sure he doesn't know, even though all Merpeople can read thoughts if you tap into their minds.

That long green tail and his muscles always screaming for me to touch them. His gorgeous golden hair that flows with the water. I can never really speak to him as a friend, because he works for my Father and I'm sure he only thinks of me as his job.

I wonder if he thinks about me. I think to myself while we're swimming back. I suddenly notice him glancing over at me and excitement runs through my tail.

But his probably just checking to see that I haven't trailed off already. I hate it when my Father summons me to his Throne.


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