The Contessa of Nottingham

Junefun * Romance

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This is a dark age.
This is an age wrapped in the flames of war.
This is an age when bread can kill people, bloodletting can cure all diseases.
Here, vampires and werewolves are everywhere.
Here, romantic knights and swashbucklers are everywhere.
Here, eating with hands, warming oneself by shaking, acquiring wealth through robbing, getting a wife by rewarding... everything is done.
As a bride, this was her fate. It cost the Earl of Moray, her father, 5000 gold coins to get her to marry.
How will she survive and conquer the whole continent in the Middle Ages?
 The female protagonist will tell you firmly—she hasn't figured it out yet herself...


Tags: Time-travelLove after MarriageRoyaltyBxG
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Chapter 40 Cousins

As he had no children of his own, Charles had inevitably spoiled Edward. He trusted Edward and believed him, to his own detriment. Charles did not expect that his brother, in addition to selling his title to build his own regent palace, he had also detained the original payments that he was supposed to receive for Kristina.

And ……