The Vampire's Dark Professor


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COMPLETED: Book 2 of the Castle Gealach Series

Noah instantly felt himself attracted to her, slowly eying her from the waist up. Racking his brain, he tried to remember if he had seen her around the school before. Certainly he would have remembered someone as alluring as her.

“Are you new here?” he asked.

But when he met her gaze, he felt a jolt of fear rush through him. The whites of her eyes were completely pitch black, and her irises were a dark shade of ruby red.

Noah felt his blood run cold as he recognized her as a Vampire…and she was very thirsty. Most Vampires could walk among the other students and blend right in, but if a Vampire was deprived of blood for too long, their appearance would change like this.

He was frozen on the spot, completely forgetting to draw his wand to protect himself. Her alluring beauty seemed to captivate him under her spell, and he wanted to both run away and embrace her at the same time.

Actually, he wanted to do more than just embrace her.

With surprising agility and strength for such a delicate frame, the girl tackled him to the ground, pinning him between her legs as she straddled him. Her hands gripped his wrists tightly against the grass, bringing their faces closer together as she leaned forward. She looked down on him through thick locks of auburn hair that brushed his face, and her fangs were exposed as she hissed.

Noah stared up at her as he lay flat on the ground. He struggled beneath her, but as his hips tried to shimmy out from between her legs, he felt himself rub against her, and the only thing separating them was their clothes.

She leaned in closer to him, their lips now only inches apart. Noah’s breathing was ragged, caused by a mixture of fear and arousal.

A sharp pain in his neck caused him to throw his head back and cry out into the still night. The world started spinning around him, getting blurrier as he realized she had plunged her fangs into his neck...


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Chapter 51

The Winter Solstice Festival ended on a good note. Noah and Mina said their goodbyes to Daisy and Hunter, and Naima had stayed behind to spend some more time with her friends before the holidays.

As Noah escorted Mina to her room, they chatted contentedly with one another as they meandered the corridors of Castle Gealach slowly. Mina glan……