The Demon In A Suit


Hugo Rivas Paranormal Urban

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Gabrielle is a 19 yo girl who goes to church every Sunday with her mom, she never swears and does everything a good girls from the 60s in a small town do. But all of that changes when a demonic entity gives her an alternative. Go to the dark reflection of her town where monsters and degenerates roam and take part in a sick game for the personal amusement of the guy in the suit. Will she survive?


Tags: darkcursegoodgirlbxgmysteryscarysmall towndisappearanceenimies to loverssupernatural
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Fire And Change

Nicole and Danny helped a really badly injured Gabrielle into the mattress she used to sleep with extreme care. There was blood dripping from the bottom of her leg and it looked like some of the wounds she got from the Whisper in the hunting store were starting to open up and swell. 

-Take off her pants, we need to change her bandages……