Her Second Chance.


P.K. Woods Fantasy

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“Sir is something wrong?”
“Oh no. I have seemed to have misplaced my note from earlier. Have you seen it?” he asks looking up from the pile of papers on his desk.
“No sir I haven’t but I can help you look.” I say bending over to pick up the papers that had fallen from the front of his desk. I hear a soft growl.
“Graci sweetie you know what that does to me.” He says pinching the bridge of his nose.
“Sorry sir.” I say standing up.
Apparently, my a** in his kryptonite. I smile to myself I don’t mean to do it I just forget. I have these two hot men around and they both give me “come f**k me eyes”.


Tags: darkage gapgoodgirlpowerfulbravedramatragedyabusebetrayalnaive
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    It’s been 10yrs since I ended Ronan’s life and it is great, but it hasn’t been all pleasant. Kensly was born on April Fool’s day is as her birthday predicted a prankster. She looks just like me with my blue eyes but has her daddy’s dimples and smile.

    Emma & Derrick welcomed a baby boy na……