My Crush Or MY Mate


tapioca.tapia42 Romance

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Andrea is a widow, who decides to return to her home town, to sell or buy a house her parents have there, and finds out her high school crush and friend is staying with his parents as he and his fiance plan their wedding, but he seems to be getting cold feet. When Andrea gets there she finds that the house was well kept outside, by a very secretive and sexy Gardner. She's still mourning her husbands death, but there might be a chance at a new love or will the old flame win out in the end?


Tags: opposites attractsensitivedramabxgsmall townchildhood crushlonelywidow/widowerRomantic-Suspense Writing Contest
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When I woke up, I could hear the voices again, and some whispering. I was still it the Clinic, in a normal bed. I slowly sat up and looked around, and found Jumping Horse in a bed next to me. I was about to try and wake him, when the older man came in.

"You're awake that's good."

"What happened? How's the boy?"

"Asleep and……