Flowers Of The Harem

Zarla Historical Romance

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The story is set in an era where harems were necessary for members of royalty, slaves were traded and poverty was high. The highlights of our cruel past.
Within this era there was prince known to all of the land in the kingdom of Hittori. He was known for his kindness and a continuous rise to the throne, competing with his brothers. He was the most admired of them all. There was only one thing to discourage his name.. and that was his harem.
The prince's harem was full of beautiful ladies in which he rescued, salvaged or fixed one by one from a past they can't escape.
All in which admired and loved the prince endlessly.. that is, all except one.

So let's get started...


Tags: PossessiveSexOpposites AttractPregnantDominantSubmissiveBadboyBadgirlRoyaltyDrama
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"OUCH you little.." Nyles cursed as i bit his finger making him drop me on the floor. He locks the door to the unfamiliar room and i get onto my feet. The next thing i know i'm shoved against the wall, a hand slammed against the side of my face with sharp orbs of blue staring into my own. A threatening gaze dared me to look away from Nyles as he……