Perfectly Broken [COMPLETE]


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[Mature Audience]
Alec was the guy I loved, the guy I wanted to be with right now, but he didn't want me. He only wanted to be friends. So Ryan here, Ryswick High's bad boy, proposed that we become s*x friend to satisfy our unrequited love. It seems he has the hots for Chelsea Baker, once head cheerleader before moving to an all-girl catholic school in Montana. As for I, Emma Thorne, my crush, Alec, is still here as my best friend who has a girlfriend he adores which brings us back to... "AAHHH!"
Emma Thorne has more secrets than she'd like. Plagued with an unrequited love for one of her best friends, Alec Romano, she agrees to become "s*x friends" with Ryan Brighton, bad boy rebel and childhood bully, oblivious to his haunted past, to subdue the attraction. However, when a series of murders and secrets start to be unveiled, Emma slowly realizes that how dangerous Ryan Brighton might be...


Tags: darkpossessivesexopposites attractarrogantbadboydramabxg
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