numbskull012 Romance

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A demon and an fallen angel are set to battle dominion over a boy whom the prophecy foretold to bring the end of days. influencing goodness to the boy can stop the apocalypse.

However, love comes in between as they try to nurture the child. One gives up the mission just to be with the other.

But then, one's unexpected past changes everything.


Tags: VampireDarkSexReincarnationOpposites AttractArrogantBeastTragedySweetBxG
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"Stay With Me"

---***Rosé's POV:

He held me in his arms and I just cried. I don't know how I was able to even talk and ask all my questions while crying. But despite his threat to leave, he never left me. He cradled me so delicately in my most vulnerable state while he listened the whole time.

He never answered any of the questions I……