A Mafia Daughter 2

Vidavi Romance

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Viviana awoke in a cold room of a hospital she had never seen before- before her stood Alfonsino, his hat in his hands and a look on his face she would never forget.

"Viviana Aliotta, you are out." He said.

Viviana couldn't believe it- she'd been cast out and denied all access to the circuit or any members of La Famiglia, told she was an undesirable. For Any woman, being told your husband no longer wants you is devastating but not for Viviana, she refused to believe Matteo no longer loved her. She wouldn't loose him, she would continue to believe in him until the very end.

Charlie Harris couldn't shake her from his mind. Son of the chief of police and new lawyer, it was in Charlie's nature to discover secrets and he was sure Viviana Aliotta has several...

Robbed of the life she never knew she wanted, Viviana will do anything to get to Matteo, even if it involves the handsome cop's son.


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Viviana stared at her reflection in the mirror that graced the waiting area of the hotel restaurant. She was criticizing herself, still finding that she had not lost all the baby weight, although Matteo would tell her she was crazy. 

She had dressed up- it had been a while since they had been out and it was rare that Viviana would accompan……