Theory Of The Constant Melody


Josh S. G. LGBT+

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Twenty-year-old Cyan Clarkson has been in love with Acherous Miller during their fellowship for they are living under the same roof on Sunset Boulevard. Not wanting to get discovered that he comes out as a homosexual, he acts as normal as he can for the sake of the card 'friendship'.

Acherous looks upon Cyan as his best friend since he is showered by so much kindness. One night, he's devastatingly broken... and here comes Cyan who soothes him and enlivens his spirit.

They've gone through tough and sweet times together, not noticing that Cyan's feeling deepens by the minute as he just chooses to keep their friendship fairly strong even though he's hurt deep inside. He has loved his best friend... every single day, but where does it take him?


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Acherous’ POV


I’d never thought this way of love needs to be this sacrificial. Over the years, I had depended my life being with Shandria, and I even left my family just for her. That wasn’t quite making me regret all my decisions since I’ve met someone who shows me all aspects of life. Just like a soft song, it wouldn’t rock ……