Human Mate to the Bad Boy Alpha


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"I have found my mate", I tell Seth.
"Are you sure Josh? She never even sensed you standing here", Seth said.
I take another whiff of her lavender and pine scent and my mind goes crazy.
"Hell yeah I'm sure", I tell Seth and run after her. Then I grab her from behind.
As soon as I touch her, my body gets all those sparks and starts acting on its own accord.
For a moment it seems like she is frozen in place, but then she turns around facing me.
Oh moon goddess, I know the consequences will be bad, but I have to do this right now.
I grab her tight and kiss her. She looks so angry, and it's turning me on more. I need to stop otherwise I'll mark her there and then. But before I could kiss her again, she slaps me hard on the face.

The story is about Miley and Joshua where Miley is a human and Joshua is the heir to a powerful wolf pack in Darwin. Their paths will cross. But will Joshua make Miley his mate, considering she is a human? Will Miley's past make her give up on her love for Joshua?

"For love is all we need to survive in this life" _theWritingRoo


Tags: alphakidnapbadboyindependentstudentbxgboldwerewolvescampusfirst loveStary Writing Academy III
Latest Updated

** 5 Years Later**

Miley's P.O.V

"Stop Greg, we need to head for school today", I tried getting a hold on my five year old.

I swear he has pure wolf instincts. Josh also suspects that he has a wolf in there somewhere too.

"No mom. Why doesn't Ayla get to go to school?", Greg stubbornly asked.



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