Heartbroken By A Hunter

L.P.Dillon Vampire/Werewolf

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I discovered that I am a hunter. A race of people descendant from archangels. I know, sounds crazy right? If that wasn’t enough, my boyfriend of two years told me that he and most of the people in my home town, were werewolves. It took some getting used to, but eventually, I accepted it and pictured a bright and happy future with him. Tristan then turned me into a werewolf, ran into the arms of another woman, right in front of me I might add. Then instead of rejecting his new mate, like he had always promised me, he rejected me. He then threatened to have his pack kill me, came after me, and then abandoned me. I was then left to have my first werewolf shift all alone on the woodland floor outside of my father's cabin.

On top of that, my mother was killed by a deranged vampire prince who wanted me to be his wife. Needless to say, I ripped that evil cretin’s head right off of his shoulders. I lost my mind for a short while and hid out with the moon Goddess Selene, but she kept trying to hook me up with the brother of the vampire I’d just killed, mad right? She kept going on about me eventually being a queen and leader of all supernatural beings. With all the madness around me, I finally came to my senses and went home, hoping that I could regain some of my old life, but that didn’t happen now, did it? No, instead my life fell apart, a hunter claiming he was my Fennid, tried to kill Tristan. I can’t disagree that we had a magnetic connection, but he wasn’t who I wanted.

My life can’t possibly get any worse, or can it?


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Chapter Forty-Five - The End!

Mason's Point of view:

It was late, and Cora had set me up in the guest room. Evan was taking a nap in his bedroom, and I tried to fall asleep, but my head wouldn't shut off. I was wondering what Freya was doing. Had she been turned yet? Fuck, I didn't really care about that, the main thing I cared about was, had she mated the twin……