Sunshine Baby

Jenny Fox Romance

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As a fighter of her Clan, Elena was the strongest. But she had no family, no dreams, and she had given up on love long ago.

Being her enemy’s secret lover for one night seemed without consequences. Nathaniel Black would never love her, so she expected nothing from him. But what if one night led to many others? What if she started falling for him anyway? Should she suppress those feelings? Or could she try hoping for more one last time?

But when events take an unexpected turn, Elena has no choice but to run away, carrying her secret. But he might not be as ready to let her go as he thought…


Tags: WerewolfAlphaForbiddenSecond ChancePregnantCEOStudentMistressDreameSeed2019BxG
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Night Ride

It’s a silent ride, but I don’t feel any uneasiness in it. Actually, I’m mesmerized by the scenery as we take the highway. All of Silver City, a glowing nightlife, yellow lights on dark buildings, like some golden glitter on a black curtain. It’s the kind of scene you see on a poster, a view you can never get tired of. Nathaniel lit up a cigaret……