Alpha Princes Hidden Mate


Vilsi Fantasy

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On the edge of peril, in the uncertain world where werewolves coexist with humans, the life of one of most ferocious werewolf, prince of the kingdom of Valor, Eros Devereux Valor and human slave of the Underground, Arin slave O1, are entwined by destiny.

Amongst the budding romance and unraveling each other's secrets, they find themselves as the part of an ancient prophecy.

The trials of love, trust, and strength lay ahead as the lust, hunger and betrayal threatens to tear them apart, while destiny paves way to the awakening of the ones who were once fallen.


The dried soulless leaves crunched under his boots as he walked towards the clearing deep in the forest on a fateful moonless night. The wind howled, and the silence was deafening as he approached his destination with a clear goal in his mind. Though he never expected that this mission would change the course of his life forever..


Standing under the spotlight, she couldn’t help but feel the dread rising within her as she endured the leering gaze on her vulnerable form covered in the rags. Though there was one presence that felt different and somehow gave her strength. She knew her life was about to change, just not in the way she thought.

Entry for #RoyalRomanceWritingContest


Tags: adventuremateself-improvedroyalty/nobledramabxgwerewolvesmagical worldbetrayalsecretsRoyal Romance Writing Contest
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77- Something is brewing

Adelina could feel them even before they entered the room. She knew they were approaching, however, her attention was on she- wolf standing in front of her. She didn't like the idea of them meeting this girl again but didn't know how to say that without being rude to her guests. Adelina just stood there deep in thoughts when triplets arrived at ……


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