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*COMPLETE* Returning home, a recent college graduate Danny falls for her sister's ex lover, Brady. Scared of falling back in her sisters shadow, Danny must figure out if Brady wants her or who she reminds him of.
"I'm sorry I know I keep fucking up -" he turned in his seat, his eyes searched me. I bathed in his gaze. "You just - you get in my head."

His hands moved to my knees and squeezed gently. I watched as small veins appeared across his hands, I traced them, they ended at his scarred knuckles. A shiver swam over my body.

"What does that mean?" I asked, growing more frustrated. I pushed his hands off me, turning them out of his reach. Rejection stained his face.

"It means that you get in my head. You distract me." He would his hand around his neck, rubbing at it. There was honestly in his voice. I didn't want to hear it.

I wasn't his distraction, I was a stand-in for Delilah. I knew that's why he was confused about me. Why he touched me so delicately, why he shot me wanting glances. He saw a little bit of Delilah in me. He saw the girl who got away.

No. No longer was I going to be compared to her. I wasn't a poor man's Delilah. I was a lucky man's Danny. I shook my head at him and got out of the car again, my mood swinging as sharp as the door.

I couldn't be near him. I could still feel his eyes scanning me, searching for the similarities I held to my sister.


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Champagne & Baseball

I held my breath and closed my eyes, hoping it would help me appear invisible. The sting was in full operation. Delilah giggled.

How professional.

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