My 13 Year Old Wife

Rux Almo Romance

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After the tragic accident of the parents of Nate Gabriel Salvatore, Don Clemente Sullivan has adopted Nate while living with his granddaughter Elise Andres Sullivan.

Don Clemente Sullivan had planned that Nate and Elise would get married.

Elise a mere 13 year old girl overflowed with happiness and joy that she would get to marry her love, a love that blossomed through kindness and compassion of her adopted brother Nate.

This would have been all according to plan but unfortunately Nate Salvatore has a fiancee.
This would impede Don Clemente Sullivan's plans for Elise and Nate.

How would things play out?
What does fate have in store for our two protagonist?
and would age prevent any love between the two?


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Chapter 38


Someone knocked on the door. Sino nanaman to? Istorbo lang.

Bumangon si Nate sa pagkakadagan sakin. Nakahiga lang ako sa kama ng senyasan niya akong ayusin ang sarili ko.

He walked towards the door to open it.

"Goodmorning." Ani ng mayor.

"Mr. Elizaldo." Gulat na sabi ni Nate.

"Elise hija maghanda kana ……