The Female Alpha King


Fay_Ish Fantasy

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Centuries have passed and secrets, lies have been forged into werewolf history
Scarlett Wise Baltimore, a female alpha the world hasn't had of for centuries. The possibility of a female Alpha was outrageous, faced with envy, wrath, lust, greed, gluttony, sloth, pride seven sins plaguing her world all lie heavy on her shoulder. Will she thrive?
In a world werewolves males are dominant.
All she has ever known is the life of a rouge. All of a sudden Crystal moon pack rises out of the ashes with a woman on the throne. She is actually your neighbourhood werewolf with a little tweak.


Tags: revengealphadarkreincarnation/transmigrationsadisticcomedytwistedstraightpackcruelRebirth Fiction Writing Contest
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"It's been two weeks. We should call Xalon over, at least she'll get angry or something. That dead look on her face is unsettling," Lilly whined, Fred rose a brow at the Beta and said,

"Unsettling? You met her before most of us well except for John and Xalon, when you met her... you're telling me she didn't have that look on before?……