The Broken Soldier


T.C. Bosarge Romance

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19-year-old Marley is more than excited to know that her father is finally coming home from Iraq and never going back. She has been living alone for the past year and is tired of the quietness in her empty home. However, her excitement is short-lived when her father tells her an injured soldier will be living with them. When Marley meets Zachary, he is quiet, mean, and suffering from PTSD. Marley hates having to tiptoe around him all the time but fails to convince her father to send him back to the hospital. Just when she thinks living with Zachary is a nightmare, he shows her that he isn't so bad. Maybe living with Zachary will be more interesting than she thought.


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Marley *7 Years Later*

"Harper, Get your butt over here before I tell your daddy!" I watch as she turns her four wheeler around coming back towards the house with Tanner on the back holding Harper tightly.

Harper pulls up to the porch "Mama, I wasn't even that far!"

I walk up to them, helping Tanner off the back "Mama, s……