His Sweet Cup of Sex

M.L. Hatter Romance

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This is the gateway to all the intimacy imaginable for reader’s ready to delve deep
into the romance side of literature. From simple touches to breathtaking imaginatives, His
Sweet Cup of Sex covers a wide variety of experiences, straight from requests of the reader’s


Tags: Contract MarriageOne-night StandLove after MarriageOpposites AttractSecond ChanceArranged MarriageDramaComedySweet
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Chapter 44

Kingsley POV 
I squeeze my hand tighter around the blonde's hair as I groan with my
Letting my seed pour into the condom, I ease my heavy pants and watch
beads of my sweat drop onto the slut's back. 
Pulling out without a word, I slip off the condom and tie it before throwing it in
the trash and getting redressed.