Seducing the Cold Bodyguard Gangster


Brena Hyde Romance

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*** My glance lifted to the line of his jaw. His hair slightly fell to his side from it fixed back position from the fall. I could feel his warm breath on my neck. It was as if the entire room had gone quiet while I was under his body. I was only brought back to reality when I heard another gunshot.

Dr. Vanessa Ericson has everything going for her. She is a physician at a prestigious hospital, she is sexy, highly intelligent, ambitious at her work, and in a great relationship with an equally as successful business man; Damien Cole. All of that quickly flips for her when she finds out that the company her partner works for is tied up with the Russian Mafia. Armed with nothing but a phone number from a friend, Vanessa makes a call that will change her life. She hires the dark and mysterious gun for hire, Mr. Whitaker, to help her. The lethally trained man is cold, callous, and unwavering in his deadly training to try to keep his client alive. But something about his machine-like behavior, is driving Vanessa to tempt him to do things he should never do with a contract.


Tags: darkpossessivesexdramabxghumorousseriousscaryenemies to loverscrime
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Chapter Twenty

When we arrived in Santa Lucia Station in Venice Emilio helped me carry my bags to an expensive looking water limousine. He jumped in before me, tossed down the bags and offered me his giant hand to help me in. I thought he looked a bit ridiculous in the way he was over reacting to try to treat me like a princess. It even had Carla laughing at h……


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