My Boss' Baby (The Forbidden Baby Tales Book 1)

Kershelle Mike ChickLit

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Like you, Alyssa Romany is fighting to survive in this crappy economy. Juggling two jobs on minimum wage isn't easy and every day is a struggle just to keep a roof over her head no thanks to her nightmare of a landlady. All she needs is a break...and one day she gets it. Eric Harris holds the answer to her prayers but this lonely executive has some petitions of his own. He's not getting any older and Alyssa is his last chance at completion. How will the small window of another chance weigh against the wide planes of a prison yard and what would Eric say if he found out who Alyssa really was?


Tags: New AdultRomanceSuspenseUrbanForbidden
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“I just needed you to know how selfish you are, Ali.”


“Eric is a mess thanks to you. You should see what you’ve done to him.”

What are you talking about?

“While you’ve been out there in wherever playing Christopher Columbus, there is, or was, a man who……