My Uncles Best Friend

Vampire Whore Romance

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Tracy Evens has always known her father was adopted, and that he had spent most of his life looking for his birth family... What she doesn't know if that he found them years ago, but just didn't tell her...

..Until now.

Along with the news that she now has an Uncle, Tracy's parents decide to tell her that she will be moving to live with him for the summer so they can 'bond' and get to know each other.

Of course, Tracy isn't happy, but could the fact her Uncles best friend is incredibly hot change her mind?

(Originally a Bam Margera Fan Fiction. Now just a Romance Fiction)


Tags: Love-triangleSexFamilyLove after MarriageAge GapFriends to LoversPregnantHighschoolBadboySweet
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Chapter Eighteen

I couldn't stay still. It's just too boring. Currently, Me and Chris were on our way to LA. Everyone had already flown out, we decided to catch a later flight because Chris remembered he had to stop at the skate shop to pick up his new designed skateboard. Jeff is sending a car to pick us up and take us to some hotel everyone's staying at.