The Shadow Wolf


Lily Pierce Paranormal

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Life is beginning when Ezra Powell meets her favorite artist at her sister's bar. She thought she had gained a new best friend only to find that the woman she had idolized is something she thought she could only make up in her stories.
The Hemingways are well on their way to conquer the werewolf world with a secret weapon known as the Demon Wolf. A wolf that is starting to find their place in the world. A world that is about to discover that humanity isn't the dominant species anymore.
A Blood Of the Beast Story.


Tags: alphadarkarrogantkickass heroinepowerfulbetalunabxg
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    It's a two-story german house. White, blue shudders. A massive English walnut tree brings shade to the yard. Mikhail is standing behind me as I reached to ring the doorbell. I pulled back right before ringing it. I can feel her inside. Three of them. Grayson, my mother, a human. My dad is the one that pressed i……