Ryan Boucher Sci-Fi

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Locksleigh was a pickpocket, a thief, a riff raff. Ash was a bandit leader with a reputation that could make any person shudder
When Locksleigh accepts a high-risk job from her only friend and best client, she is thrown into a world she had never expected to enter. Forced to be with a man she has never met before, Locksleigh must find a way to survive in a world that has no mercy for a girl like her.
She is a rabbit trapped by a lion and she isn’t sure whether he is her saviour or will end up being her doom.


Tags: GangForcedPost-apocalypseSadisticBadboyBadgirlDramaTragedyTwistedNo-couple
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It was a stray beam of sunlight coming through the slightly open door that woke me up. Ash arm was still around me, and I was perfectly content to lean back against him and go back to sleep, but something small and hard was pressing painfully against my back. Doing my best not to wake him, I managed to turn myself around to face Ash, and saw a s……