The Mistreated Wife

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As Sebastian lifted my dress, his hand made its way to my core, I inadvertently moaned in pleasure. He covered my mouth with his own since there are people outside his office who could hear us.

Sebastian: “Don’t be too loud, baby.”

I just nodded as his hands found my opening, already wet and ready for him.

Sebastian: “Oooh, you’re so wet. Did I do this to you?”

Before I got the chance to respond, he moved my p*nties to the side and erted o fingers in. He covered my mouth with his free hand as he kept whispering in my ear:

Sebastian: “Do you like it? Does this feel good?”

Before I knew it, he removed his hands and lifted my left leg. Without warning, I felt his huge c*ck entering my opening. I felt myself getting filled up to the brim, and I can feel him thrusting in and out slowly.

Belle: “Go faster, please go faster.”

Sebastian pumped in and out of me faster, as he pushed his tongue ide my mouth. I can’t help but arch my back as I feel myself getting near my peak, while my boss is f*cking me ide his office.


Belle is a 25-year old wife who recently started working a nine to five job. When her husband Paul lost his job, he started mistreating and abusing her.

She is tired of working while having to take care of her husband at home. She found consolation in her boss, who has become her confidant and friend.

As her relationship with her boss deepens into something forbidden, will she stay in a relationship to honor her vows, or will she give in to the temptation that a new hope offers?


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