Their naughty games

Lost in love Billionaire

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He snapped around, glaring at her, oh lord she looked sexy, wearing thigh high boots, a pleated mini skirt and a very tight white button down shirt, which was only sparsely buttoned to cover her breasts.

"Why don't you snap a picture it will last you longer and you can enjoy it when you are alone". She smirked as she twirled one of her braids around her hand.

Oh he would love to grab those braids, making her use that naughty mouth for something better.. fuck Sebastian snap out of it, he thought, she is so not your type. "If I wanna look at cheap whores the internet got a better selection".

Amber and Sebastian is both friends with Matt.. but just as he expected they are not getting along at all.. or is that just a cover for their attraction ?


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 "Are you ready darling ?" He called up the stairs, it was the day of the premier and the Limo had just arrived to pick them up.

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