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Lost in love Billionaire

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Ambrosia Grace also known as Amber is rock promoter living in London. She is a free spirit who loves being in control in every aspect of her live especially when it comes to men.

Her very best friend is one Matthew Collins a well known man in the british advertising world, they have been friend for a long time, and well sometimes enjoy each other company in a more than friendly fashion. As she is dominant and he is submissive they are a perfect match sexually.

Matt hasn't introducer Amber to his other best friend Sebastian Clarke, the most eligible bachelor in London and billionaire CEO of Clarke industries. He a pretty sure those two won't get along at all, but one day Sebastian shows up unannounced while Amber is there.

Is Matt’s hunch right ? Will there be sparks flying between his two best friends ? And what kind of sparks will it be ?


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She pushed past Matt and knelt next to Sebastian on the floor, cradling him as he was crying, knowing that she couldn’t give up on him.

"I am so sorry Amber.. I didn't mean any of that". He was shaking and sweat was running down his face.

Amber gently stroked his face, her voice gentle. "Jus……