The Gold Spinners Secret


S. M. Stevens Romance

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The millers daughter is just an average, ordinary peasant girl. There’s absolutely nothing special about her, unfortunately for her, the king doesn’t seem to believe that’s the case.
Taken from her home against her wishes, the millers daughter is forced to preform miracles if she wishes to keep her head where it belongs.
With her inevitable death looming just around the corner, everything seems rather hopeless.
That is, until a stranger shows up claiming to be able to do the very tasks she deemed impossible.
A fleeting glimpse of hope is seen in the darkness, but nothing’s ever so simple.
Is she willing to pay the price required of her for his help? And if so, can she remember something once forgotten?


Tags: fatedcomedytwistedhumorousmedievalchildhood crushfirst lovesecretsspecial ability
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