Divine Contract


Lexx G. Paranormal

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Lilian is the depiction of innocence. Taken in by a convent leader, she has lived a very sheltered life and developed a strong understanding of Christian morality. When she wins a full academic scholarship to her dream college, it's her first time experiencing life outside of the church and almost immediately she's "adopted" into a group of extroverts who make a pact to start knocking off her list of "firsts". These little "corruptions" are frazzling for Lily but she seems to be adjusting to campus life okay until she meets Lucius. He's dangerously handsome and always seems to be in the right place at the right time. When night terrors from her childhood come back and she begins seeing one of her classmates face every time she closes her eyes, she wonders if she's going insane or is Lucius more than what he seems?


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Clean and fresh, Lillian shook out her hair with a towel, she picked up the spare clothes he’d offered her and realized something she should’ve suspected—these were his clothes.  An oversized t-shirt and sweat shorts with a draw string.

    Was it really okay to borrow this?

    At least i……