Real Fantasy

Sonya Gammon Other

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Nancy is hooked on her virtual reality games, one in particular, until she discovers she's not alone in the game world. She has to decide whether to get her game system hacker-proofed and how to go about finding out who her mysterious admirer is. Her husband also keeps making her life more difficult and she suspects her best friend may not be as good of a friend as Nancy would like her to be. And when her husband takes away the one thing that made her life bearable, she is forced to enter a profession her husband and the rest of civilized society despises. However, her new skills are making her more attractive to her father-in-law, which also complicates matters. Meanwhile Nancy discovers her former stalker has more secrets than she could ever have imagined. Can he step up to the challenge to take on the threats Nancy faces?


Tags: ActionAdventureStalkerForbiddenFamilySecond ChanceSensitivePowerfulDramaBxG
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Chapter 33

The party is being held in a castle. There are turrets, there are private rooms, there are secret passages, halls decorated according to different themes, rooms with food and drink, bands giving concerts. It’s a casual encounters night. People are dressed to the nines, you’ve got your Goths, you’ve got your brides, you’ve got your dominatrixes, ……